Microsoft going to add "Built-in" VPN in Microsoft Edge Browser.



Microsoft Announced that they will add built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network)  in Microsoft edge browser and it will be completely a free service.

Microsoft Announced that they will add built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network)  in Microsoft edge browser and it will be completely a free service.

Software Engineers of that company told that if they add this feature then browser security and privacy will become much more strong.

They called this built-in VPN browser is 'Edge Secure Network' and the news has been announced by Microsoft through their Support Page.

Technology site VERGE reported that "Microsoft Edge built-in VPN Now at testing stage.they now testing this VPN service powered by CloudFlare.

Besides they will open it to public as a part of their "Security Upgrade"

When the feature is turned on, Edge Secure Network will be able to encrypt user's web traffic. Internet service providers will  be unable to collect user 'secret' browsing information.


User can hide their location by using this new feature.

Beacuse of built in Virtual Private Network user can easily and safely browse website.

That means People can access that sites which not available in their countrys.


To use this feature for free Microsoft put some conditions,

"Only one GB of data usage per month has been set"

Besides that user must be signed in with Microsoft account in oder to access data.

Then the company will be able to monitor the user's data usage movements.

Microsoft told that user data will be permanently deleted every 25 hours, when CloudFlare collects support and individual data from the service.

"VERGE" announced that this feature is still in building process and not opened for testing also.

Users can download and add the feature to their browser

When the preview version of the feature will first appear on Microsoft Edge's Insider channels.

After downloading preview version the feature can be used by entering Edge's 'Settings and More' and clicking on the 'Secure Network' option.

After clicking "Secure Network" browser will told to sign-in with a Microsoft account or create a new Microsoft account.

After sign in with Microsoft account a "Solid Shield icon" will be appear in browser frame.

Done! Edge security  system has been started, 

When user close the browser the feature will be switch off.


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