All confusion about Freelance & Outsourcing ‌! Jobs VS Freelancing.

 A brief story of Freelance & Outsourcing ‌!

All confusion about Freelance & Outsourcing ‌! Jobs VS Freelancing.

Freelancing and Outsourcing these two's are well-known nowadays.
Some how Almost every person hear about freelancing.But in most case 70% of those people don't know properly what is freelancing and outsourcing.Some of them are thinking freelancing and outsourcing are same things.On the other hand some of those are thinking that if he has laptop,  computers or electronic device and internate connection.He will start freelancing immediately and earns lots of doller without any skill.If Freelance & Outsourcing ‌are not same thinks then what is that Let's learn A to Z about Freelance & Outsourcing.
All confusion about Freelance & Outsourcing ‌! Jobs VS Freelancing.

What is Outsourcing

Outsourcing means find a Source from outside.Well if you are a business owner or a individual person and you need some digital services from a well skilled person and you are not finding a eligible candidate for you work immediately.

Then you can outsource it from freelancing market place where thousands of skilled worker watting for your work.Among them you can choose the right person for your work.That means Outsourcer is a person who gives work to freelancers and this process called outsourcing.

Benefit And Disadvantage of outsourcing.

Well there is major benefit and minor disadvantage of outsourcing.

  • Lot's of freelancer are available for your job.You can choose the right person among them.
  • You can get your job done from experts with low cost.
  • You can lead that worker as a boss and the job will done how you want.
  • You can get your job in time and lean the worker in you remote time etc.


Some sort of disadvantage here. These are like.

  • Communicational breakdown, Some Worker will not understand your regional language and if your and worker English speaking skills not good enough that will bering a communicational problem.
  • Finding good and Exparts worker, Beacuse of freelancing becoming more popular day by day, for that reason lots of unskilled presons came of this filed.
  • you have to find right person.False person can't give you the best services.
  • Marketplaces is totally secured but their some percentage to get scamed,So be aware when you make transection.
All confusion about Freelance & Outsourcing ‌! Jobs VS Freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing means a open profession.
Every person can do freelancing if he has the skill what buyer and marketplaces want.Their is no rules and no restriction that who can do free lancing, Every skilled person can do freelancing. 

Freelancing is a process where a outsourcer give work to freelancers and freelancer finished the jobs exchange of money.

If you are thinking that if you have a electronic device and internate connection and you will able to do freelancing without any skill is totally a silly idea.Beacuse Freelancing is just a working Process to get jobs from buyer, You have to learn a skill first and Become expert on it.Wihout experts you can't make a good position on freelancing Section.

Advantage And benefits of freelancing.

Freelancing is a open profession, you can do this work in your remote time.
Freelancing have no limits of earnings, 
More work you can finish more money you can earn.
Work from home on your comfort zone.
Get remittance to your bank account without any hesitation.

Disadvantage :

Although freelancing is a open profession and now freelancing become so much popular that why It's quite difficult to get a job.
In freelancing there is no limit of earning but a freelancer always have to think how to new work.
Beacuse in a month if you get no you will get no money.
That's why a freelancer always have to seek for the new work.

 Jobs VS Freelancing:

 In job you have to work under a boss.
You have to the same job Everyday and end of the month you get your salary.
On the other hand in freelancing you have to work under multiple bosses and fulfil their requirements. 
In jobs you have to work in certain period of time.
But in freelancing you can do work when ever you want.But some time you have to work day and night beacuse  sometimes you will get deadline and you have to finished the work before deadline.

Some month you can earn lots of money and some month your earning can be lower.Beacuse Every month you can't get much more work.
In jobs you don't have to worried about you work beacuse you will get that amount of money every month.


Freelancing is a good profession but sometimes it is not good for everyone.
If you don't have expertise in any skill you can't make you identity in freelancing. 

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