Telegram surrendered user data to authorities |Assuming 'Zero bytes'never been shared.

Government force has been worked successfully, telegram has shared their user data to government for ligal issues.

Telegram surrendered user data to authorities |Assuming 'Zero bytes'never been shared.

Every Messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption. They can claim that they are protecting their users data and privacy by saying that they've thrown away the key — metaphorical and literal — and they says that can't undo what's been scrambled in transmission.

Now a time telegram become a popular messaging app.Telegram doesn’t offers to luser's end to end encrypted calls directly but user can use "End to end encrypted" calls by turing on secret massage mode.

However,Telegram claims that they protects every user data whether they use E2EE or not, They also said that government data requests have to pass an especially high muster before it would comply and that it has never acceded to such request and It's not so, a report claims.

Der Spiegel reported from a trusted source that Telegram has fulfilled a number of data requests from Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office involving terror and child abuse suspects.And now Still some more data requests for other criminals cases have been more or less ignored.

Up to date, Telegram has mentioned in their FAQ section of their official website that they has transferred "0 bytes of user data" to any third party and governments also.They update their last Privacy policy in 2018, In the section 8.3 of its privacy policy,the company says it will release users' IP addresses and phone numbers to authorities when presented with a warrant on terrorism-related charges. However, despite of all promising to release semiannual reports on any disclosure activities, it has never actually done so.

Government of Germany has been pressuring Dubai-based  Telegram to cooperating with them and help them to their investigations into right-wing extremist groups who have been using the messaging platform to spread their cause and coordinate action. Telegram has ramped up its own enforcement actions but its user and group bans have not been as comprehensive as lawmakers has been looking for.

But Similar apps telegram application, some of (russ...) company apps refusing  to had Over their encryption keys under federal anti-terrorism laws.In 2020 telegram made a agreement with the Kremlin that would see the app return to (Russ..) with increased enforcement across the platform.

Also it has a good sign that Telegram continues to provide (Russ...) users with an uncensored window into the military's invasion of (Ukra...) despite of a greater domestic crackdown on anti-patriotic sentiment.But there is always a question stands for how much user data telegram has hand over to government?

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